Harness Kit - Adult

Comes with everything you need to add a harness to your zip line trolley. A harness adds an additional level of safety and piece of mind to your zip line.
Kit includes:
  • Fusion Adult Harness, (light weight harness with reinforced belay loop. Seat strap. 3 point adjustment . Pass through buckles used in waist and legs.  Up to 44″ waist.
  • Choice of:  36″ Trolley Lanyard – Continuous sewn runner 1″ in width and a 6000 lb breaking strength – or – Our 42″ Safety Backup Lanyard which uses two loop runners that are sewn together to provide the rider with both a main lanyard and a backup lanyard in one compact unit. Featuring two different colored webbings makes checking for lanyard wear easy,and a 6000 lb breaking strength.
  • 2 Steel Screw Locking Carabiners (3 if choosing the safety backup lanyard) for attaching harness to lanyard and trolley.