Rerun Trolley Return System


Have you ever wondered if there was an easier way to get your zip line Trolley back to the starting platform without having to run it back for the next rider to go? 

Introducing the Rerun Trolley Return! Designed around the timeless block and tackle system. We created the Rerun blocks to house a series of pulleys.  Each pulley has a string that wraps around it and the blocks prevent the string from jumping tracks or worse, getting all knotted and twisted. One end of the string attaches to the trolley, the other end is attached to a counterweight which uses gravity to return the trolley to the starting point after the rider descends down the zip line and dismounts. 

Includes 150' of of high strength trailing line, two pulley blocks (upper and lower), a Stop Block with hardware and a Carabiner to attach your 5 gallon bucket (not included). 

Note: For use on zip lines 150' long or less.

Required: This system requires 8-12 FT of open space under the cable at the start, a 5 gallon bucket and some water. 

You also will need a small amount of weight on your trolley to keep the trolley oriented correctly to the cable (wheels on top). A seat works perfect for this.