Competitor Comparisons

Zip Line Gear
$200 - $900
Pro-Grade gear, free information and the best customer service on the planet. Riders up to 350 lbs.
Each kit assebled with love and care like a gift from our family to yours. Trolleys are made to last when used by pros or your little peeps and stop blocks come standard in each kit.
1 Year - Unconditional
Backyard Ziplines
$180 - $700
Hybrid between Pro-Grade materials and children's toy zip line kits. Riders up to 350 lbs.
Backyard Ziplines' Kits are awesome too, this is our sister company...smaller trolleys that are built to last, similar sized cable and stop blocks with every kit.
30 days - Unconditional
Alien Flier Zip Lines
Alien Flier
$130 - $330
Higher end children's toy zip line kits. Live customer support and easy clip rider system. Riders up to 220 lbs.
3/16" up to 1/4" for 200' kit every kit includes trolley and stop block. Some kits have tensioner ratchet with webbing.
30 days - Restocking Fee May Apply
$100 - $250
Steel trolley with 3/16" cable include instructions and wrench for installation. Riders up to 200 lbs.
The trolleys are made of steel and include a handlebar. No connection for harness, however small ring can be attached for seat for children.
30 days
Zipline Fun
Zipline Fun
$30 - $150
Least expensive toy zip line on the market. Riders from 125+ lbs. depending on trolley.
The cable is a 3/16" diameter and the kits usually come in short lengths (up to 90' long). The trolley is encased in plastic and durability will be a factor because wheels are made of nylon. No connection point for a harness or seat.
30 days in new condition.
Chinese Brand
$180 - $400
Children's toy zip line kit. Steel trolley with built-in handlebars and 3/16" cable. Riders up to 250 lbs. Bungee system and seat included. No stop block.
Customer Service and limited warranty included Small ring from seat can be connected to trolley.
30 Day Satisfaction Guaranteed