Hornet Zip Line Kit


The Hornet Zip Line Kit embodies adventure and thrill, plus will provide hours of entertainment for the whole family.  A smooth riding trolley that is made to last comes with built-in handlebars still easy to remove from the cable when not in use.  Set cable between trees using a 3% riding slope and fly across the backyard.

Kit Includes:

  • Trolley with handlebar is easy to remove from the cable and is available in yellow or pink.
  • 8' Cable Sling for wrapping around one tree (for tree 2 FT in diameter/ 6 FT in circumference)
  • 5/8″ x 9″ turnbuckle (for fine tuning tension adjustments)
  • 1/4" Cable with loop on one end
  • 3 Cable Clamps
  • Stop Block (Safety no-pass point - not a braking system)
  • Weight Limit 350 lbs
  • Optional: Rectangle Seat with 5' length of 1/2" Rope and a steel carabiner


Cable free kits are designed to save you a little bit of money on shipping (international orders). Simply source your own 1/4" cable and these kits will have everything else needed.  

You may need a Tensioning Kit if your zip line exceeds 125 FT.