Turnbuckle w/Backup Kit

Turnbuckles are an essential component of most zip lines. Turnbuckles are primarily useful in adjusting zip line tension once your zip line is operational and the cable stretches from use. The Black Raptor and Hornet Zipline Kits come with one turnbuckle and the Ultimate Torpedo Zipline Kit comes with two turnbuckles. 


  • 5/8 turnbuckles: 3,500 lb. load limit; recommended for use with 1/4" or 5/16" diameter cable. 
  • 3/4" x 18" Turnbuckle: 5,200 lb. load limit; recommended for use with 3/8" and larger diameter cable.
  • Each turnbuckle includes a turnbuckle backup kit with a cable and 4 Cable Clamps.
NOTE: Turnbuckle bolts may vary from nut & bolt to cotter pin & bolt or both.