Here at Ziplinegear, we have designed a variety of kits. From basic trolley with handlebars and a cable, to “all in one” boxes filled with ziplining awesomeness. Explore our different packages and combinations for the application you desire. 50 feet or 1000 feet, we got it covered. Family backyard, tree house, going over a pond, or corn maze and farm, gym or whatever the application, we have diligently thought about it! We also have made it easy to put together a kit from scratch. Just call or email us to assist with that process. Whatever floats your boat, or should we say rides your line? We invite you to further investigate the different options for an awesome zip line.



From the trolley to the tensioning tools, these kits have everything you need in one box. The SLEADD kits come in two lengths 150 feet and 250 feet. This doesn't mean that these specific lengths are the limitations, you can always go shorter than the maximum designated length. The main feature that sets the SLEADD kits apart from any other kit in the market, is the built-in tensioning device. All the necessary tools for the installation are included, which makes this kit truly awesome. The LX versions include more accessories, click here to see the info-graphic to compare the selections.



  • Maximum riding weight limit- 350 lbs
  • Cable size 5/16"
  • Maximum anchor tree diameter for the adjustable sling - 2.5 feet
  • Trolley type - semi-permanently attached, Fixed handlebar


These kits offer the most variety of combinations of riding gear and length. 50 feet to 500 feet cable length and 1 or 2 turnbuckles for fine-tuning the cable tension.

The Chetco Kit offer a trolley with a solid handlebar,  1/4‘’cable with connecting hardware, and other riding or braking options.  This kit comes in lengths up to 200 feet.

The Rogue Series kit feature 5/16‘’cable and longer length options, plus a quickly detachable trolley. This kit comes with a set of riding gear (harness, lanyard, carabiners, handlebar and the 30’ bungee brake. The terminating hardware in these kits is designed to be utilized to trees or round poles, if the situation requires different connecting hardware, such as eye-bolts or quick links, we recommend picking these items up separately. If the zip line length exceeds 100 ft, we recommend purchasing the Tensioning Kit for the installation, which can be returned for a full refund. Click here to find out how it works! A Rogue PRO option offers the tensioning kit and Tree Saver blocks included, be a pro!


  • Maximum riding weight limit - 350 lbs
  • Cable Size Chetco-1/4", Rogue-5/16"
  • Maximum anchor tree diameter for the slings included - 2 feet
  • Trolley type - Chetco - semi-permenantely attached. Fixed handlebar
  • Trolley type - Rogue - Quickly detachable


Zip line kits designed especially for small farms during harvest seasons.  All kits come with heavy-duty 3/8" Cable.  This kit is designed for a slow, low to the ground zipline that will resemble a playground type of a ride. Stop block is included, however you will need to purchase a Tensioning Kit for installation. Want to go commercial? Go with ZIPLINEGEAR!


  • Maximum riding weight limit - 350 lbs.
  • Cablesize 3/8"
  • Eyebolt 15"
  • Trolley type • Chetco - Semi-permanently attached, Fixed handlebar
  • Trolley type • Rogue - Quickly detachable, dual ball bearing wheels
  • Trolley Type  • Petzl Tandem Speed - Quickly detachable, single ball bearing wheels


    You are welcome to build your own kit. A good platform to build upon are the "Do-It-Yourself" kits, that include the cable, clamps, slings and turnbuckle(s) plus a safety stop block. Choose the cable size and the length. All zip lines under 200 ft can utilize the 1/4 cable. Between 200 and 500 a 5/16" size would be used. Anything over 500 feet or in a commercial application we recommend a 3/8" cable. Add a trolley of your choice, seat or harness, brake, and you've got a kit! Please do call us for any assistance in the kit building process.


    • Maximum riding weight limit - 350 lbs
    • Cable size 1/4", 5/16", 3/8"
    • Lengths 75ft - 1000ft
    • Cable slings - 8 Ft (up to 2 ft tree diameter