HOWTO - Riding Gear


Fantastic backyard and commercial ziplines need great and reliable gear. Learn more about when to use harness, what type of a harness, when to use a seat, and what makes ziplining safer, more comfortable and enjoyable.




These three words go together like peas and carrots. This trio completes the connection to your trolley and the cable. In situations where the rider is high off the ground we recommend to use a harness.



Carabiners are required to attach accessories to your zip line trolley. The oval shape is necessary to ensure proper orientation of the carabiner when leaded. The locking gate is a necessity for this life support device. Both steel and aluminum carabiners are available at zipline gear. Each riding accessory requires a dedicated carabiner. Never side load or chain link the carabiners. 



Lanyard is a piece of webbing with a high strength rating that has a loop each end. Lanyard connects the harness to the trolley using a carabiner. Normally, the side that goes to the harness is attached with a "cow hitch" loop, demonstrated in the picture on the right. In most cases a 2 ft, lanyard will be used for a harness. If Breakhawk zip line hand brake is used, we recommend the adjustable CMI Daisy Chain Lanyard to make sure all riders can reach the braking unit.  



(Sit) Harness is usually adjustable to fit wide range or riders, even children. Often a child's full body harness will be better suited for the little riders. Each harness should state the maximum riding limit and size. Chest harness can be combined with the waist harness, but not used by itself. Full-body harnesses offer more back support and stability for riding. Padded harnesses offer more comfort, especially when spending longer time suspended in the harness. When selecting a harness you will be looking for best fit, safety and comfort. Find a harness that best fits your situation. 



We build them with our hands and they are awesome. If the zipline is low to the ground, grab yourself a seat. Drifter or Pioneer, round or flat, but certainly with class and style! We also have a seat for little children called the Lil' Zippy. The true benefit of the zip line seat is that the riders can switch with ease and speed.



Sometimes all you need is a handlebar. It can be attached if the trolley doesn't have one built in. If you feel like letting go and dropping in the water in the middle of the ride, or just to keep yourself straight, use the handlebar. Use a separate carabiner to attach the handlebar to the trolley. For those who like to spin around, try the Rotor Swivel!