Cable - by the foot


We love Galvanized Aircraft Cable.  It's a great choice for any zip line application because it's incredibly strong but still flexible enough to work with. This type of cable is our first choice when it comes to building a zip line.

  • 7x19 construction (7 groups of wires, with 19 wires per group)
  • Works for back yards and for commercial applications
Gauge Breaking Strength Zip Line Size Weight
1/4" Cable 7,000 lb Min Breaking Strength Zip Lines Up To 200 FT 0.11 Per FT
5/16" Cable 9,800 lb Min Breaking Strength Zip Lines Up To 500 FT 0.17 Per FT
3/8" Cable 14,400 lb Min Breaking Strength Zip Lines Up To 1,000 FT 0.243 Per FT


When ordering raw cable by the foot, the swaged loop on one end is not included.  

To account for sag and set-up ease we recommend grabbing at least 10-FT more than you need to complete the run.

Weight Consideration:   Due to the weight of the 3/8" cable, our regular shipping option is maxed out with 580 FT.  If you would like your zip line to be longer than this, please call us (541-916-4461) for a Freight Quote.