Get outside and catch flight with an Airtime Zip Line Kit.  Whether it's 50 Feet or 100 Feet, riders will fly through the air harnessing the thrill of flight, right in your own backyard. All models come with a smooth-riding Trolley, including a built-in handlebar with no-slip grips along with cable, hardware and the no-pass Stop Block. For the more adventurous, our 100 FT Model comes with Seat and Spring Brake.



  • Trolley with handlebar & no-slip grips
  • Stop Block with hardware
  • 6 FT Cable Sling (for tree 4 FT in circumference or 1.5 FT in diameter)
  • 1/2" x 9" Turnbuckle
  • 3/16" Cable with loop on one end
  • 3 Cable Clamps 
  • Made in America
  • 90 Day Limited Warranty 
  • 100 FT Model comes with Seat and Spring Brake