Handbrake Kit (up to 500')


Would you like to control the speed of the ride or stop in a specific spot at the end of the zip line? This kit would be a perfect fit, because the rider has complete control when to stop, just like a hand brake on a bike.

The Brakehawk handbrake is simple to operate, comes with a thick rubber brake pad that will last a hundred rides before needing to be replaced. Attach your harness and lanyard with a Quick Lock Carabiner and launch into your next adventure. With this kit, you can control your speed while you sit back and enjoy the view.

The Handbrake Kit includes: the Fusion Tesa Trolley, Brakehawk Handbrake, Brakehawd Tether (for younger riders), Lanyard, adjustable Harness and Quick Lock Carabiner. Cable lengths up to 500' 5/16" Cable, necessary hardware to connect to two trees or posts, and Stop Block which creates a no-pass point on the cable. 

Check out the Tensioning Kit for the initial installation, then return for a full refund. If you don't have a way to tighten cable, you'll definitely want to grab one.